Monday, September 6, 2010

House Arrest

A few years ago, I wrote about my need to write lists when I'm feeling particularly overwhelmed. I like making lists because it makes me feel like I'm in control. (Did I just hear God guffaw?)

Right now, one of the things I'm stressed out about is that our house--despite our having lived there for nearly a year (more, in Hamil's case)--still isn't picture-perfect. See, I had two little goals: to have a wedding pretty enough to be featured in Martha Stewart Weddings (check!), and a house cool enough to be featured in Real Living Magazine. That second goal remains unfulfilled. Sigh.

Don't get me wrong. I love our house. I relish going home after a long day at work, and know the true meaning of "home sweet home," most especially after a weekend away. It's comfortable, and it is probably above-average in terms of style. (I don't know a lot of people who have gold and black chairs in their living areas.) But, well, I want it to be as near to perfect as it can be. And so, my list of things to do to get our house shoot-worthy:
  • Mount Vitor on a birdcage stand. I intended to just have a birdcage for decorative purposes. But Hamil kind of...doesn't get it ("Anong ilalagay mo do'n?").
  • Clear the junk under the stairs.
  • Fix our entryway! I need a console table or a slim shelf. Also "need" a Victoria Ghost. Har.
  • Corral our yoga mats and umbrellas into a big, attractive basket or something.
  • Come up with an interesting tabletop tableau for the living area.
  • Spraypaint a crow lamp that the Space Encounters peeps gave me as a gift. In gold.
  • Prettify our first-floor bathroom. Possibly add a teeny chandelier.
  • Create an accent wall on the second floor--I intend to paint black and white stripes on it. And then hang a bunch of photos in identical, sleek black frames.
  • Hang our MDF chandelier.
  • Get the damn heater fixed.
  • Replace the doorknob on the door of the second-floor bathroom.
  • Clear the dressing room of crap. (I have way too many old bills and receipts crammed into nesting baskets.)
  • Hang pretty prints in dressing room.
  • Cover frame of full-length mirror with fabric (inspired by London home store Squint). Think this can be done with fabric scraps and a glue gun?
  • Get a duvet filler. And new beddings while I'm at it!
Sigh. So much to do. Who has the time? I guess I just have to figure out which stuff I can do in a flash, and get those done before tackling the bigger projects. Wish me luck.


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